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10 Express tips for an Easy House Move

House removal Croydon

Express Removals 24/7 appreciate how stressful moving is - and we only pick up and drop off your possessions! With the run-up to a big move being a testing time and something you want to get right, we - as the leading outfit for removal Croydon way - have put together a handy little list of 10-tips for you to get on top of the situation and be ready for your next big journey to a new home.

Start Well in Advance. The time it will take you to pack all your items depends on how much you have. So, for a larger house, two months should be enough if you’re packing away a box per day. For smaller homes, 30 days should be good. Of course, this is a general estimate, but it’s something to work to.

Start with Least Important Rooms. Makes sense to pack the items you don’t use on a daily basis first. Seasonal items you’re currently not using such as garden tools, coats and Christmas lights are perfect examples. This will cause some chaos, which can make moving with your cat, or moving with your dog easier, by letting them explore the packing materials around.

One Room at a Time. Often an neglected insight, this is a major insight for movers. Doing this will help you stay organised and will ideally tell your movers, or whoever is unloading, which box goes where. Click here for more detail.

Have a Clear-out. Hold a boot-sale or donate unwanted items to charity. You can also use eBay, so you have plenty of options. If you have friends helping you with your move, ask them whether they need anything you’re planning to sell. After all, you’re not paying them and they should be rewarded for all their help.

Do not overload boxes beyond 30 pounds. You risk getting a back injury or one of the boxes might not be able to withstand the weight the weight of items inside. Pack light items in large boxes and heavy items is small boxes. This packing tip alone will save you a great deal of pain and damaged goods.

Pad-out Boxes and Containers. Use old newspapers, packing papers, or just old rags to fill gaps in the boxes. This should secure the items for the ride.

Mark all boxes. Write the contents on each box with a marker. Write on the sides of the boxes and not on top, as this will make it easier to recognise them if they’re are stacked. It’s also advisable to use a different colour for every room. Ask your children, if you have any to help you. Kids love drawing and colouring, so what better way to reduce the stress of moving? This is just one method of helping your kids cope with the move.

Put heavier boxes on the bottom. More common sense than Removals 101, but it’s still important to mention. By putting your heavy boxes underneath the lighter boxes, you ensure no breakable items will get crushed during the move. Boxes full of books and furniture parts are examples of what you should be loading first.

Dispose of hazardous materials. Batteries, Bleach and other hazardous items shouldn’t be transported un-supervised and need proper disposal at a local council waste site.

Prepare a box of essentials. Whether it’s a collection of household goods you know you’ll need for cleaning such as J-clothes, sponges etc or personal items you absolutely cannot leave behind and want to take with you personally - make up a box and keep it with you.

And that’s it - 10 steps to being on-top of moving house when the day comes rather than the other way around! If you need reliable, cost-effective removals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then you should contact Express Removals 24/7; experts in house removals Croydon and beyond!

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